The Change of Seasons

The Change of Seasons

I remember the first time I heard the song from the Byrds, Turn! Turn! Turn! and my mom trying to explain the lyrics. To my young mind, I thought we only have one chance at each season. Spring- birth until graduation from high school, Summer- college through marriage & child-bearing years, Autumn- when our children move out, Winter- the days grandchildren arrive until death.

Those do count as our season of life… but there are also changes of seasons within those seasons. For instance your job, when you’re first hired you’re entering into the spring season. After a few years at the same job you get into a routine, think lazy days of summer. Lay-offs and mergers and economic crashes start to threaten those summer moments- autumn. Then winter approaches and you’ve been in the unemployment line waiting on that next spring to begin work again.

Ecclesiastes3 1-8

It wasn’t until my father’s passing that I understood this scripture fully. He passed away in his Autumn of life but it was also the Winter of his health. Just as we physically live here on Earth for many… sometimes hundreds of the Earth’s seasons, we experience many seasons of our own in different areas of our life.

I’ve always been eager to grow older. I embraced the year I turned 30 while many of my friends tried to cling on to that last bit of their 20s as best as they could. My father’s death made me think how close I am to the Autumn days when in reality it’s so very different.

His passing is a Winter season, that I am sure of, but there’s a Spring time coming… maybe it’s a new & better relationship with my mother, maybe it’s a better relationship with my own children. I don’t know what God has in store for me but my optimism has returned because soon, it will feel like spring again.



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