5 Quick Household Chores- completed in 15 minutes or less

5 quick household chores completed in 15 minutes or less

One of the biggest reasons someone puts off a task is because they don’t believe they have the time to finish it completely. Today I’m going to share 5 Quick Household Chores that will take you less than 15 minutes each.

*Disclaimer: If you have been putting these chores off for months, the first time may take a bit longer but once you have it done initially, the following day each task will be 15 minutes or less.

No time to waste since there is work to be done. Let’s jump right in!

1. Swish & Swipe- 3 minutes tops.

Coined by the clutter busting guru, The Flylady, swish & swipe is a daily visit to the bathroom to swish the sink & swipe the toilet… or was it swish the toilet & swipe the sink? Either way, add a bit of cleaner to the toilet, then with a clean wet rag wash the sink. When the sink is done, use the toilet brush to clean the bowl and the rag to wipe down the outside. Toss the rag into the laundry and you’re done!

2. Make the Bed – 3 to 5 minutes.

In most bedrooms, the bed takes up 50% or more of the room. Sure it may be silly to straighten something you plan on messing up again in a few hours but having the bed made makes the room feel 100 times better. Plus it feels like a mini vacation come bedtime, pulling back the covers verses having to fight the rolled up blanket to cover your feet.

3. Laundry – 15 minutes.

Did you know? Putting a new load into the washer, the load from the washer to the dryer, and fold the load from the dryer can all be accomplished in 15 minutes or less! It’s true. An average sized load will take less than 10 but that pesky white load with everyone’s socks adds an additional 5 minutes. (Most of that time is spent talking myself into matching those blessed socks!)

4. Dishes – 15 minutes by hand.

We’re a family of 5 and my clan can dirty quite a bit of dishes, especially if they have free reign on the cups! (Still don’t understand why the water cup can’t be used for juice but that’s a whole other post!) The trick to washing dishes is… start washing while you’re cooking! Before I even pull ingredients out of the cabinets/fridge, I run a sink of hot soapy water to be waiting on the first dish. Having the cooking dishes done before we eat means it will only take a few moments to wash up the 5 sets of dishes we used when eating. Plus, washing those pots & pans while hot is a lot quicker than washing them after the food has had time to cook & dry on.

5. The Floors – 15 minutes.

My favorite way to get the kids to help clean up the living room is to get the vacuum out! Once you plug that baby in and start ‘er up, holler to the kids “If you want this, you better come get it before I vacuum it up!”. The next thing you know there is an elephant stampede to the living room. Children feverishly grabbing as many things into their hands as they can hold in the hopes of saving it all before the vacuum makes it way around the room. Same thing goes in the bedrooms and even the kitchen when sweeping. Whatever isn’t picked up when I use the dust pan, out it goes!

So we’ve hit pretty much every room in under an hour. These quick chores won’t give you a spotless house, but they will make it a little bit better than before.


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