Our Home School Room Design

Our Home School Room Design

Two weeks ago, the kids were on Fall Break (the two kids in public school) so we took that week to rearrange… well, the whole house! Doing so, we created a Home School Room and I couldn’t be more excited to show you all around.

Before the Switch

We have finished the first 9 weeks into this school year and I noticed something just wasn’t right with our set up.

When planning to homeschool, I read everything I could get my eyes on. School room designs, school rooms for small spaces, supplies, curriculum, free printable, on and on.

One thing that stood out in each article was “Flexibility”. Sometimes class will be in the living room, sometime in the kitchen, outside, at the park, huddled under the blankets in bed.

We’ve experienced all those places and more but one thing came to light. We had no designated area for our supplies to live. We lost bottles of glue, assignments, our minds!

Finding a Home School Room

Something had to be done, and creatively. We’re a family of 5 living in 1280 sq. ft. mobile home. My first thought was to purchase another shed and add electricity, windows, heat, & insulation but that idea was too costly.

So my search went indoors. We have 3 bedrooms, the two boys in one room, one girl in the next, and then the master bedroom. Our daughter’s room would be perfect for a small class room/office but there was the hang up of combining a girl into a room with two boys. My husband and I tossed the idea around for a few weeks and for us, we decided it would actually work.

When the kids are all home, they are always together… in the living room. There’s still enough space in the house that if they wanted privacy, they can have it, it just may not always be in their bedroom. Plus, the boys already have bunk beds where our oldest, Jake, has covered all sides of his bottom bunk with blankets for added privacy. Our daughter has a loft bed with curtains underneath if someone wanted to hide out under there as well.

So for us, this works.

Home School Room Tour

Our home school room needed to be a centralized place for art supplies, books, paperwork, and media. It also needed to house not only my son’s laptop but my computer as well. Our biggest problem with being spread out was that we couldn’t work independently yet be near enough to help when questions arose. In this room, we are able to use my huge desk as a work space, then he can twirl his chair around and complete tasks on his laptop.

HomeSchool Room DesignOur Homeschool Room DesignHomeschool Room DesignHome School Room Design

To the naked eye, it’s very mix-matched and eclectic, but so far it’s a fantastic fit for us.



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