Home Management Binder & A walk-through of our typical day.

Today I’m going to walk you through our typical day here at Hoosier-land.

Before we begin, I have to show you the key to my sanity, my Home Management Binder. Nothing spectacular, but for a natural scatter-brain such as myself, this is a day saver.

Home Management Binder

This pint-sized binder is my brain on paper. I first had started out with a larger, regular sized binder that was modeled off of the Control Journals that Flylady uses in her system. Then it transitioned into more of a Home Management Binder. One thing I noticed with those, there was too much junk in my binder! So I kept the parts that I used, added some that I needed, and this is the finished product.

Section 1- 6:00 am

I wake up an hour before the kids. I stumble into the kitchen, make a cup of coffee, then head into our new school room to grab my binder, pen, and Bible.

I’ve really just begun starting my day in scripture & prayer. I used to do it at night, which is okay… if you can stay awake.

In this section I have notes from the earlier Sunday sermon, an index card that holds the main verse of that sermon so I can work on memorizing His Word. I have also been participating in Love God Greatly‘s studies. During this break our group is working on Proverbs 31, which is perfect because I’ve dug into that chapter here on the blog!

Section 1- Scripture

Section 2

Right after, still before the children wake, I dig into the second section, Prayer. This is just a running list of things/people I am praying for along with a list of praises to thank God for.

Section 2

Section 3- 6:30 through the end of the day.

Usually around 6:30/7 the children start to emerge from their room. Sam & Rue, the two public school kids, start in on their morning routines of getting ready while I start breakfast & our laundry load of the day. (A load a day keeps chaos away. -Flylady)

8:00 am rolls around and I make sure Jake is awake and getting in his shower/breakfast before I leave to take the younger ones to school. When I return home we are ready to jump straight into school.

School Time:

Our first task is to go over our goals. Some days we toss our schedule out the window and head to the library or we browse Netflix for documentaries on what we’re studying. If we are sticking to our schedule, we have an allotted amount of time for each subject, what work he doesn’t get completed in that time turns into “homework”. This doesn’t work for every family but since there are two still in public school, this is what we are aiming for so that after school time can be spent together and not trying to fit in some structured teaching.

School Schedule

12pm and we’re already for lunch. I whip up something quick, toss the laundry into the dryer, and if Jake was able to get his work completed I do take a nap! I love naps. My husband usually works 2nd shift and I love being awake when he comes home. I am one of those wives who heats up his food and serves it to him. He’s 100% capable of taking care of it on his own, but I see it as a small gesture to say “Thank you for working hard so that I can stay home with the kids.” Anyways… back on track.

2pm and I’m off to pick up the school kids.

3pm we’re home and digging into homework and chores.

4pm and supper is being prepared.

5pm the smaller kids are taking their bath/showers while I’m folding today’s load of laundry for them to then put away.

6pm… Since today is Wednesday, we’ll be off to church but usually we would be cleaning up the living room, getting bags ready for tomorrow then sitting down to some t.v. or games as a family.

8pm the kids are off to bed.

9pm is my hour. This is usually when I sneak off for a nice hot shower followed by some reading or crocheting. Right now I’m working on a blanket made of my late father’s blue jeans to give to my kid brother as a Christmas gift.

Section 4- 10pm

This is my one and only hour of the day that I dedicate to blogging. If I can find 10-15 minutes throughout the day, I look into how I can make this site better for you, the readers. At this chapter in my life, you guys only get an hour. Which is why you only see posts on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. The other days are spent learning all that I can to give you a pretty site to visit filled with helpful tips and heaps of encouragement to be the best homemakers God has called you to be. At least that is the hope for all of this.

Section 4

So this section holds all the plans, thoughts, ideas, and a checklist for this site.

We’re finally at the last hour of the day. 11pm! Hubs comes home, my computer is shut down, his meal is warmed, we chat for a bit and while he continues to relax after work as I head off to bed {usually around 12-1am} to start it all over again the following day!

Do you have a daily routine? Tell us how it helps you through your day.


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5 thoughts on “Home Management Binder & A walk-through of our typical day.

  1. We have a daily routine. I couldn’t get through our days without one. From homeschooling, to writing, to blogging, and my long list of commitments, I need to be organized.

    I have a small daytimer that I’ve completely customized. It keeps me focused and on task.

    Thanks for sharing and linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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