About Hoosier-land

Positioned between two cornfields in the great state that is Indiana sits Hoosier-land. Okay, it’s not really a town in Indiana nor is it the name of my estate, but being a resident of Indiana I am a Hoosier.

I created Hoosier-land Homemaker to serve as a place of inspiration on all topics concerning homemaking. These are topics that I want to incorporate into my own lifestyle but does not cover ‘every’ aspect of homemaking. Topics such as: cooking, meal planning, cleaning, organizing, gardening, canning, sewing, crocheting, homeschooling (virtual school), scheduling, time-management, etc.

Further more, my hope is that my new found love for our Savior, Jesus Christ will shine through in my words. I have been blogging since 2012 on other sites but I am starting out here fresh because I felt all of my other works have been centered around myself. My desire for Hoosier-land Homemaker is to be a homemaking guide centered with Biblical inspiration, not necessarily on my ability (or inability) to be a homemaking superstar.

So in-conclusion, welcome to my little area of the cyber world. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit a spell, possibly pick up a new tip or slice of encouragement, grow in the Word, and spark up a conversation or two. Thank you for stopping by Hoosier-land Homemaker and I hope to see you back soon!


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